Consultation on final proposals - October 2019

Earlier this year we asked you about potential measures for tackling air pollution in our area. We did so because poor air quality is a serious public health issue and we have a duty both legally and morally to do something about it.

Our consultation showed that despite the different views involved, and potential impacts for individuals and businesses, more than 60% of those responding agree that air quality issues in the area require attention.

As part of that consultation, we asked for your views on various supporting measures and on two potential core options:

  • a city centre Low Emission Zone alongside tolls on the Tyne, Swing and Redheugh bridges; or

  • a charging Clean Air Zone category D covering a large area of Newcastle, stretching into Gateshead and North Tyneside. This table shows what vehicles this would have covered, based on the Clean Air Zone categories set by government.

CAZ diagram V3.png

Your feedback on these initial options has helped us to reshape our proposals and develop a new package of measures.

This has been agreed by councils as our preferred way forward and we are now seeking your feedback on this new package before we submit our proposals for government approval.

You can find more information about the results of the first stage of consultation and how this has helped to shape the final proposals here.