Information about additional measures

Please note, this consultation took place between March and May 2019 and has now closed.

As well as charging options, we are also considering what non-charging measures may be required alongside a charging option to help improve our air quality.

This section provides more information about some of the additional measures we’ve looked at and explains how they might work.


Restrictions for lorries and vans using Central Motorway

This would involve banning lorries and vans from using Central Motorway between the Tyne Bridge and the Coast Road junction during peak travel times.

We have looked at the impact a ban between 7am and 10am and also between 4pm and 7pm would make. We would be interested to hear from businesses themselves during the consultation about how this would affect them.

The aim of this measure would be to keep certain vehicles, particularly those making deliveries which could be scheduled at other times of day, off this section of road when it is busiest with commuter traffic.

Restricting access for all vehicles on Central Motorway

This would involve some access changes onto the Central Motorway and Tyne Bridge. Access changes would affect all vehicles.

This measure would be aimed at removing some of the traffic from the Central Motorway, which has some of the highest levels of pollution that we need to address.

Restricting access for all vehicles on Central Motorway.jpg

Other measures

This could include measures designed to reduce the amount of pollution in the air.

One such measure would be to install moss walls, which absorb and filter out pollutants from the air around them.